Here, computer scientists put their computers and conceptual ideas together through the idea of software as a process carried out by the machine. This exhibition aims to promote youth talent and to bridge the industry-academia gap. This is a forum for the free exchange of ideas an environment for the showcase of exceptional professional skills and platform for innovation.

Competition Design

• The competition will have one final round.
• Judges will review each software/group.
• Judges will evaluate and score the software.

Team Design:

• Each team should have at least one and at most three members.
• All team members should be Undergraduate students.

Judgement Criteria

• Each team will be provided with a PC and a table on the event day.
• Equipment other than that should be brought by the team.
• Final Judgments will be made by the judges.
• Anybody found using unfair means will be immediately disqualified.


Requirements and selection:
• Teams will have to bring their standees or boards for their display.
• Each team should submit their software report at least 3 days before the competition.
• Teams who will not be able to submit their reports on time will be disqualified.
• Teams will be selected on basis of their reports.

Event Head:

Sumbel Tarar

Event Head Details: