Now this may look like a competition but it’s actually a game. The data inception game of data within a data within a data. But isn’t it amazing to make sense of a useless information or converting a useless information to total non-sense. Either way, it is all about analyzing and exploring the hidden phenomena. Are you interested in proving your analytics skills to a doubtful world? There may be no better way than participating in an officially sanctioned analytic competition. In this competition, Participants will be given sets of data and will be required to analyze it with the use of various tools for which they will be judged on the completeness and accuracy of their results.

Competition Design

The Participant would be given a scenario and a corresponding dataset. The participant would be required to explore the data, derive results and explain in detail the meanings derived and the participant's approach to the given problem. People working and/or related to the fields of Machine Learning, Data Mining and Data Science in general are encouraged to apply. There would be two rounds. Round 1 would be further broken up into 3 parts. 1: Exploratory data Analysis where the participants would explore the given data, 2: Solution where the participants would formulate a solution to the given problem, 3: A short trivia containing questions related to data mining, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in general and specific questions about the scenario given. Teams qualified for round 2 would be required to give presentations of their solution to the judges.

Judgement Criteria

Round 1:
The Participant would be judged in each component of their solution. From data exploration to the reason for selecting a particular algorithm and its workings, as well as the accuracy of their Model for a particular problem.


Seeking or giving assistance to other teams is strictly prohibited.
Personal laptops are allowed.
Participants must maintain the decorum of the event/institution.
Event heads reserve the right to disqualify participants without providing details.

Tools Allowed:
Java, C#, Weka, KNIME, Rapidminer, R and Python.

Event Head:

Wajeeh Ahmed

Event Head Details: