ProBattle 2017 gives a chance to the participants to revive their childhood memories by introducing one of the most played fighting video games of all time. It is just fitting that the newest edition of ProBattle emerges with the newest edition of Mortal Kombat. Be a part of this exciting event by indulging in intense 1v1 battles and a chance to pick from a plethora of all your favorite characters you have known and played with.

Competition Design

The tournament will follow a similar pattern as football league tables. every player will duke it out TWICE with every single player. this will allow them to have enough opportunities to keep themselves in the tournament and not left desiring for more. players with the same amount of wins at the end will have a mini knockout where it's simply "go big or go home", winner takes all and loser get eliminated.

Judgement Criteria

winners will be selected after an elaborate tournament where every player will have to face-off with every other player twice.



Event Head:

Hammad Ahmed/Khubaib Ahmed

Event Head Details: