Oh, the magic of loops! Are you new in the world of Computers? Are you old in the world of Computers? The Pseudocode competition is for everyone. It tests your ability to solve algorithms by writing pseudocode of the given problem, which is a honed skill required in every computer scientist. Pseudocode is a solution to complex problems in simple language. It’s the first step of making any code and is the beginning part of every programmer’s life and if you succeed in this phase then you are bound to be an excellent computer scientist.

Probattle Pseudo Code Standard


Competition Design

This event is geared for people who love to code and deciphering algorithms, breaking down how they work. The only catch is that you would not have an IDE to guide you, instead, all you would have is a pencil, paper and your genius minds!

Judgement Criteria

Three Rounds. First round would just be a warm up round. In the second round, the top teams that have the most number of correctly answered questions moves on to the final round. And in the final round, the team with the most number of correctly answered questions wins!



Event Head:

Talha Abdul Qadir Khatri

Event Head Details: