This competition is a day-long puzzle solving various competitions with the help of logical, mathematical and investigative skills. You have to use the clues put them together, critical and logical thinking will lead you to victory. This hunt features a variety of word, logic, physical and other puzzle types while also being enjoyable and adding experience. Are you game?

Competition Design

Greetings Candidates, Grab your thinking caps as this year's logic hunt event will surely leave you puzzled. Please note that there are certain rules to abide to if your team wishes to participate in this years edition of Logic Hunt of ProBattle '17.

Judgement Criteria

There will be 3 activities throughout the event,
A MCQ round ,
An Analytical Skills round ,
and a treasure hunt
The scores will be acumulated at the end of the last event, will be totalled and the team with the highest and second highest score will be crowned the victor and the runners up to this year's Logic Hunt event.


For the MCQ section, please be aware that Mobile Phones, Laptops, or any other electronic devices that may grant you advantages over other candidates are prohibited.
> The ProBattle team will not be responsible if your team is not present or incomplete when one of the events is taking place. You should stay updated & aware of the event timings and their respective days.
> Taking assistance from other individuals other than your team members is also forbidden.
>Any team member found strolling the IBA campus aimlessly while not participating in a Logic Hunt activity will result in penalty to the entire team.
>Be respectful to other teams, and ask the Management team if you have any queries related to the event.
> Failure to follow instructions will result in disqualification

Event Head:

Hamza Tariq

Event Head Details: