Push your imagination and programming skills to the limits as you work in teams of 3 to 8 and bring out the best game in the given constraints.

Competition Design

Game Development is an event where the participants apply the ways of professional developers and overcome design and development challenges as a team given limited resources and a small definition or a topic to work on!

Judgement Criteria

The judging criteria will revolve around how original the game is and how you take on the challenge thrown. The final result will be given out on the overall game which includes the design, art, sound and obviously the gameplay.


Participants are brought into a single place and given the topic to work on. The participants then use the provided the stationary. Although when the time goes up, the participants will be asked to leave and will not be allowed to take their artwork with them.
1. The participants have to make use of their own devices and will not be given access to any other machine on campus!
2. The participants will have to make use of all original material created throughout the event, otherwise the judgement may clearly be going against the candidate.

Event Head:

Asad Hashmi

Event Head Details: