A competition that will test your skills as a future network engineer

Competition Design

The Network Design competition will allow teams of maximum 2 members to utilize their network analysis and design skills and apply them to real world issues within a limited time frame. The Network Design contest is constructed to challenge participants to solve real world issues.

Focus Areas:

  • Networking
  • System Administration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Security
  • Judgement Criteria

    Teams will be judged based upon:
    -How good the design is?
    -How efficient the solution is?
    -How creatively the problem was approached?
    -Is the design secure?


    -The contest will consist of two rounds of one and an half hour each.
    -Each team will be given a set of problems which they will have to solve within the given time limit.
    -Each problem will be scored based on the judgement criteria.
    -The total score for each round will be determine the winning team.
    -The team with the aggregate highest score will win.
    -You need to be well-versed in Cisco Packet Tracer as all the problems will be based on CPT.
    -You can also use Microsoft Visio for diagramming.
    -Cell phones, Laptops, Internet and other electronic gadgets are not allowed.

    Event Head:

    Muhammad Taha Shaikh

    Event Head Details: