A fierce competition where teams come together in a battle of comradery to combat against one another. Based on a league format the game is intense, thrilling and as stirring as if experiencing it in real. Come join us at IBA ProBattle in a gamer‘s paradise and unleash your inner dauntless self. May the Force be with you!

Competition Design

DOTA 2 on PC (CED LAB 2nd Floor)

Group Stage:
Each player will play everyone within their group once. The last one or two(depends upon number of teams registered) will be eliminated.

Group Stage Format:
• Each team will play with match every other team in the pool e.g. if there are 4 teams in a group each team will play 3 matches and after the matches the 4th position team will be eliminated. In case of 6 teams in a group, each team will play 5 matches and 5th and 6th position team will be eliminated. • Each win worth 2 points
• Each each loss worth -2 points in case of walkover loss worth -1 point but other team will get +2 points
• In case of same points e.g. 4th position and 5th position got 4 points we will check
1) total damage done by team
2) total kills
3) total net worth difference
• after group stage, double elimination will be followed.
• In case of technical problem if match exceeds 30 minutes we will check
1) total damage done by team
2) total kills
3) total net worth difference
else match will be restarted.
• Semi-Finals will Bo3 and Final will be Bo5

Judgement Criteria

A match is concluded when either team destroys the enemy team’s throne, or fails to show up within 15 minutes of the start time of that match (Default). Standard judging criteria as per Pro-Dota scene applies.


• Goodwill and sportsman like behaviour must be observed. No racial or harassing remarks will be tolerated.
• Failure to abide by the rules and regulations will result in INSTANT disqualification.
• Event team will be present at all times to monitor the matches and enforce authority at all times.
• The Event Head has the right to disqualify or cancel any participation without providing details.
• Teams can't sit on their own will even if they have connected all of their Gaming gears.
• You are all allowed to bring up to 2 maximum substitutes. The substitute will have to purchase the ticket in order to access the regular facilities of a participant.
• Teams reach IBA on time, it is not necessary that you don't have to wait, but team should reach IBA on time and event time (only for DOTA) can be extend to 9:00pm depends upon conditions
•A team concedes a walkover if they are more than 15 minutes late at their match, making the other team win by default. Whole team should reach on time, team won't be allowed to restart the game once the game has started.
•Match delay time is 15 mins e.g. if a team has 2 consecutive matches and they are half hour late they will lose their 2nd match as well.
•In case of both teams failed to reach within 15 mins both team will get -1 points.

Event Head:

Rafay Shahid

Event Head Details:


Brand Ambassader:

Zaman Taha: 03052277122