The world’s most popular video game is back in ProBattle with its 2016 Edition to mesmerize all the enthusiastic FIFA gamers, accompanied by exciting new game play features! Yes! You can pick Women’s football teams as well! Stakes will never be higher when the participants get their worth tested in this cut-throat knockout FIFA Competition with all to play for in every match! And a chance to be crowned the FIFA King, with cash prizes, a dream for every FIFA fan out there!

Competition Design

FIFA 17 on the PS4.

Group Stage:
Each player will play everyone within their group once. The top two players from each group will move on to the Quarter Finals.

Group Stage Format:
• Each win is worth 3 points, each draw is worth 1 point. No points for loss.
• A walkover is worth a win with a goal difference of 3.
• Match will consist of just regular time of 90 Minutes.
• Matches will be conducted at a tight schedule, no room for time delays.

Knockout round(s):
Based on the number of registrations, knockout rounds will be played with half-lengths of 5 minutes.
Quarter Finals: These will be Knock-outs. There will be only one match at a neutral stage with half-length 6 minutes.
Semi Finals: These will be Knock-outs. There will be only one match at a neutral stage with half-length 6 minutes.
Final: Two of the semi-finalists will battle it out in a Final with half-length 8* minutes. *tentative

Match Regulations:
• The half length of each match will be set to 5 minutes in group stages and knockout(s), 6 minutes in QF/SF, and 8 minutes in the finals.
• 3 pauses are allowed in each match, the time allotted will be 30 seconds.
• Classic Extra time format will be followed AFTER the group stages, otherwise matches in group stages will end at regular time.
• Any player who scores a “5 goal lead” within the game shall be granted instant victory ONLY in the group stages. Example 5-0, 6-1, 7-2 etc.
• A toss will be conducted to choose which player will play as the home side.
• Players will be allotted a time of only 1 minute to manage controller settings along with team management. No query will be entertained after the match has started.
• Kit colours of the respective teams should be mutually accepted.
• Classic XI and World XI teams are NOT allowed.
• Any player failing to report within 5 minutes of match time shall be given a defeat.

Judgement Criteria



• Goodwill and sportsman like behaviour must be observed. No racial or harassing remarks will be tolerated.
• Failure to abide by the rules and regulations will result in INSTANT disqualification.
• Event team will be present at all times to monitor the matches and enforce authority at all times.
• The Event Head has the right to disqualify or cancel any participation without providing details.

Event Head:

Muhamad Ali

Event Head Details: