Ever thought of starting something of your own? Have ideas that seems ludicrous and weird, but then here’s the thing, all the best ideas are. ProBattle is giving you a chance to present your business idea to a panel of esteemed and experienced judges. This will give you a chance to not only exhibit your concept, but also to learn and interact with experts, practitioners and entrepreneurs that have mastered their field to perfection. Who knows, your idea could be “The Next Big Thing”.

Competition Design

At first participants will be gathered in seminar and then one by one will be called for pitches. If the competition completes in one day then results will be announced next day, if not then on third day.

Judgement Criteria

The judges will typically be looking for the following:

  • a) Soft skills (Body Language, Speaking skill, Listening skills etc)
  • b) How organized the team is
  • c) How well the idea is explained
  • d) Uniqueness of the idea
  • e) Possibility of its implementation
  • f) Significance of identified market gap
  • g) Prototype
  • h) Future Plan


1) A group of minimum 3 and maximum 7 is allowed.
2) Group members should have their roles well defined i.e. Founder, CEO, CTO, etc.
3) Every group will be allotted time after their registration, based on number of group members and complexity of the idea. Groups should make sure to complete their pitch in given time.
4) All the preparations should be made before hand, including setting up prototype or any other multimedia. If our assistance is required in any matter, then it should be communicated before the competition starts.
5) Every group should have following documents

  • Idea Pitch Document
  • Business Model
  • A working prototype/paper prototype
  • Any supporting document will be appreciated
  • Event Head:

    Salik Khan

    Event Head Details: